International Association of School Safety Professionals

Individuals who have completed NSSC’s School Safety Leadership Training Program are automatically inducted as members of (IASSP) International Association of School Safety Professionals.  This organization was founded shortly after the opening of NSSC in 1984 to recognize the level of training and preparation they had achieved in the area of school safety.

NSSC’s school safety leadership training program focuses of seven key training components:  School Safety and the Law, Youth Culture and Diversity, School Crime Prevention, Safe School Planning, Problem Solving, School Crisis Prevention and Homeland Security.  Together these training elements provide the nexus for a comprehensive school safety leadership program.

Since 1984 more than 18,000 education and law enforcement professionals have completed NSSC’s School Safety Leadership Training Course and have been inducted into the organization.

The National School Safety Center worked with the United States Departments of Education and Justice to develop and deliver the national training program for more than 10,000 federally funded school resource officers and their education counterparts.  After the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, NSSC was invited by the United States Department of Justice to create and deliver a national training program that addressed the roles of Homeland Security and School Crisis Prevention and Management.  Additional training updates were added for post-secondary training after a string of attacks on colleges and universities in the United States such as the Virginia Tech, Northern Illinois University and many others.  Since that time, additional strategies and curricular support materials have been added to the School Safety Leadership Training Curriculum, keeping IASSP trainers current with what is happening in the field.