International Center for Safe Schools

The International Center for Safe School (ICSS) was established in 1998 on the heels of the National School Safety Center’s successful operational record since 1984.  NSSC sensed a need to create an international network of experts as a natural extension of that work.  Creating safe schools is not merely a national effort or goal that is relegated to a single nation.  It is a universal goal that all children need and deserve so that they can be educated in a safe and secure school environment free of intimidation and fear.  

Over the years, NSSC has been engaged in several school safety efforts and programs in countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South Korea, Israel, South Africa, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and others.  The goal is to create an international effort that supports safe schools and communities around the world.  As part of these efforts, NSSC has established the International Center for Safe Schools (ICSS) that links these functions and purposes together, focusing on international networking, information sharing and safe schools for all children worldwide.