Partner With Us

The National School Safety Center (NSSC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating safe schools for all of America's children. NSSC achieves this objective by conducting training across the United States, providing technical assistance to schools and communities needing such support and by sponsoring this website.
  1. If you are a potential writer: NSSC is always interested in articles from practitioners and experts to post on its website. Even though there is no remuneration offered, this is an excellent opportunity to place one's work before an audience of school safety practitioners and leaders.
  2. If you are a prospective benefactor: NSSC's has many more projects than it can fund. While a great deal of work is done on a fee-for-service basis and through state and federal grants, there remains much work to be done to help make all schools safe for all students. Because NSSC is a non-profit organization, the level of service that NSSC provides is directly related to the level of public and private support that is received. Contact Executive Director Ron Stephens regarding your interest and goals.
  3. If you are a school leader, administrator or teacher: NSSC is interested in knowing about and sharing emerging safe school practices from the field and particularly from site practitioners. Send us your ideas, observations or special projects that NSSC might share with others on this website.
  4. If you are a School Resource Officer: NSSC is interested in any information that will help other SROs and school communities benefit from what you have learned as a result of your partnership activities. Send us your ideas, experiences, practices, or special projects that NSSC might share with others.
  5. If you are a student: NSSC is interested in supporting the involvement of students in the work of making and maintaining a safe school. The most important information students can share with us is about what is happening in the area of school safety at their schools. Share your ideas, observations or special projects that NSSC might communicate with others.
  6. If you are a parent: Please take the time to let NSSC know about any special strategies, projects or particular success stories regarding your school community's efforts to keep your school safe.
You may also be interested in creating and sponsoring activities that are a part of America's Safe Schools Week in your community.

Use the email us at to submit your written ideas.