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Bullying in Schools: Fighting the Bully Battle

Bullying in Schools: Fighting the Bully Battle is a resource for school communities and their law enforcement partners for preventing and responding to school bullying. The book emphasizes the need for a school community to develeop a complete, clear and concise definition of bullying in order for the community to find appropriate responses to the problem. The school must also educate all stakeholders regarding the phenomenon of bullying and their roles and responsibilities for its response. Short-term and long-term strategies are presented within the context of a problem-solving process.
NSSC's Fighting the Bully Battle approach involves:
  • including bullying prevention and response in the safe school plan;
  • identifying critical partnerships and resources that can be used to respond to bullying problems;
  • conducting school safety and social climate assessments that identify bullying and other harassment behaviors;
  • reviewing current practices, policies and procedures related to harassment behaviors;
  • and applying a problem-solving process to the specific bullying problems on campus.
82 pages.
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What If? Preparing Schools for the Unthinkable 

Focusing on the four phases of crisis management, this resource provides a solid foundation for school crisis planning in this new age of serious and complex threats.  School communities and their law enforcement partners cannot predict if, when, where or how schools will become targets of terrorism or when an act of school violence may strike again or when a natural calamity may befall them. What they can do is to anticipate and prepare.

The purpose of this book is to meet the needs of today's educators and school-based law enforcers to help them effectively prepare, manage and respond to terrorism and crisis events.

The book focuses on four interconnected phases of crisis management planning and implementation:
  • Mitigation/Prevention
  • Preparedness
  • Response
  • Recovery
Topics covered include: terrorism, threat assessment, all-hazards preparedness, response options, incident command, media relations, HAZMAT, weapons of mass destruction, bombs, crime-scene management, triage, recovery, and drill and practice. 58 pages.
Our price: $34.95

Hiring the Right People: Guidelines for Screening & Selection of Youth-Serving Professionals and Volunteers 

This book presents guidelines for screening potential employees and volunteers, developed by NSSC in cooperation with the Missing and Exploited Children Comprehensive Action Program. 

(Out of print, photocopy available). However, this information continues to be relevant today.  Model screening and selection forms are provided.  No task is more important that selecting the right people. The quality of any organization, school or corporation is directly related to the individuals who deliver the services and provide the supervision and care that become a vital part of that organization. Groups that serve children and youth have a responsibility to judiciously screen, carefully select and appropriately supervise their employees and volunteers. Organizations that have failed to live up to these expectations have become subject to lawsuits. The guidelines that are included in Hiring the Right People (1994) were developed jointly by the National School Safety Center and the Missing and Exploited Children Comprehensive Action Program. This manual was written to assist those that serve and protect our nation's most valuable and precious resource, our children. 48 pages.

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School Crime and Violence: Victims' Rights 

School Crime and Violence: Victims' Rights is a comprehensive text on school safety law. The book offers a historical overview of victims' rights, describes how it has been dealt with in our laws and courts, and explains its effect on America's schools. Many educators are not familiar with the magnitude, import or specifics of the burgeoning phenomenon of liability and litigation in the United States. This lack of information and understanding can only breed more conflict and litigation. Schools must prepare themselves for the possibility of such liability. The authors cite legal case histories and cover current school liability laws. This useful tool provides advice to educators and school administrators in risk and liability prevention and in implementing campus crime prevention programs. 134 pages. 
Our price: $19.95

School Discipline Notebook 

School Discipline Notebook will help educators establish fair and effective discipline. It reviews student responsibilities and rights, including the right to safe schools. The correlation between orderly, disciplined schools and safe, productive schools is examined. Legal policies that regulate discipline methods used in schools are also explored. In addition, suggestions are offered for the many practical tasks required by educators, including preparing discipline codes, defining and tracking infractions, and disciplining special education students. A resource section suggests publications, films and policies providing further assistance with school discipline. 53 pages
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Educated Public Relations: School Safety 101 

Educated Public Relations: School Safety 101 offers a quick course in public relations for school district public relations directors, administrators and others working to achieve safe, effective schools. The book explains the theory of public relations and successful methods for integrating people and ideas. It discusses how public relations programs can promote safe schools and quality education and gives 101 specific ideas and strategies to achieve this goal. The text includes a special chapter by Edward L. Bernays, considered by many as the father of contemporary public relations, which updates his classic work, The Engineering of Consent. 72 pages.
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School Safety Check Book 

(Out of print, photocopy available) School Safety Check Book is NSSC's most comprehensive text on crime and violence prevention in schools. The volume is divided into sections on school climate and discipline, school attendance, personal safety and school security. Geared for the hands-on practitioner, each section includes a review of the problems and prevention strategies. Useful charts, surveys and tables as well as write-ups on a wide variety of model programs are also included. 219 pages. 
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Set Straight on Bullies

(Out of print, photocopy available) Set Straight on Bullies examines the myths and realities about schoolyard bullying. Changing attitudes about the seriousness of the problem is stressed. It studies the characteristics of bullies and bullying victims. Most importantly, it provides strategies for educators, parents and students to better prevent and respond to schoolyard bullying. Sample student and adult surveys are also included.
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Student Searches and the Law 

With an alarming increase of drugs and weapons at American schools, school personnel have stepped up their efforts to search for contraband on campus in order to provide a safe environment for all students. Despite court-imposed safeguards on students' constitutional rights, school officials have greater leeway in conducting searches than do police officers. Student Searches and the Law takes a close look at the legality of conducting searches on school campuses. Included in the book is a discussion of the landmark U.S. Supreme Court case of New Jersey v. T.L.O., which set the standard for conducting student searches. Since 1985 when the T.L.O. Court established the reasonable suspicions standard, court decisions have helped to further define what constitutes an appropriate search on school campuses. Student Searches and the Law examines recent court cases concerning student searches, including locker searches and strip searches. Other sections discuss searches conducted on school grounds by law enforcement and probation officers and school security personnel; the use of drug testing and surveillance equipment on campus; and searches using metal detectors or drug-sniffing dogs. Student Searches and the Law also covers practical matters such as sample school board policies and procedures for conducting legal searches at school. 80 pages.
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Developing Personal and Social Responsibility 

Developing Personal and Social Responsibility is designed to serve as a framework on which to build successful programs aimed at training young people to be responsible citizens.  Human nature, all too often, seeks the lowest level of responsibility while seeking the highest expression of freedom and rights. When left unchecked, this often translates into disobedience, disruption, violence, truancy, early pregnancy, drug abuse and, in general, a lack of appropriate self-control and motivation in young people. Schools can play important leadership roles with students, parents and the community in teaching responsibility skills. The ideas, suggestions and model curricula set forth in Developing Personal and Social Responsibility (1992)are designed to serve as a framework on which to build successful programs aimed at training young people to be responsible citizens. 129 pages. 
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Gangs in Schools: Breaking Up is Hard to Do 

(Out of print but available as a photocopy) Gangs in Schools: Breaking Up is Hard to Do offers an introduction to youth gangs, providing information on various types of gangs - including ethnic gangs, stoner groups and satanic cults - as well as giving practical advice on preventing or reducing gang encroachment in schools. The book contains valuable suggestions from law enforcers, school principals, prosecutors and other experts on gangs. The concluding chapter describes more than 20 school- and community-based programs throughout the country that have been successful in combating gangs. 48 pages. 
Our price: $12.95