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High Risk Youth/At the Crossroads 

"High Risk Youth/At the Crossroads" addresses drug abuse prevention by focusing attention on specific negative social, economic and behavioral problems that make youths more vulnerable to drug abuse problems. Hosted by LeVar Burton, the program promotes a "risk-focused approach" to youth drug abuse prevention that goes beyond "just say no." The documentary profiles several high-risk youth and examines their vulnerable characteristics through commentary from several nationally renowned authorities. 22 minutes, Available in DVD. 
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School Crisis: Under Control 

Winner of the Gold Award from the 1991 Houston International Film Festival, this 25-minute documentary DVD focuses on school crisis prevention, preparation, management and resolution. It is designed to help schools and communities prepare for the unexpected by designing crisis prevention and response plans. Such plans improve the ability of schools and communities to deal effectively with and overcome disasters. 

Acclaimed actor Edward James Olmos narrates. News footage of actual school crisis events in Stockton, California, Largo, Florida, Cokeville, Wyoming and Greenwood, South Carolina provide an eye-opening introduction to the video. The video is appropriate for use with school administrators, teachers and staff. 

Featured in the video is a panel composed of school officials who have dealt firsthand with violent tragedies on their campuses. These veterans provide security tips and recommendations that schools can use to guard against and resolve crises, including:
  • Lock school doors to potential intruders.
  • Hire security officers to serve on-site at schools.
  • Secure parent volunteers to assist with school security.
  • Make use of patrolling police and security officers.
  • Develop school safety plans at the district as well as at the school level.
  • Provide staff and security officers with a 2-way intercom system & walkie talkies.
  • Develop a coded emergency signal for school staff.
  • Develop a blueprint of the school, complete with updated contact numbers for police, fire, paramedics, school officials, student rosters and parental contact numbers.
  • Assign staff to pre-assigned roles and responsibilities for crisis management.
  • Provide students with practice crisis drills.
  • Develop procedures to quickly assess extent of injury and damage during a crisis, such as identification of students and staff injured or killed during a crisis.
  • Establish clear procedures to use when dealing with the media during a crisis.
  • Plan for crowd control and emergency transportation.
  • Set up a chain of command and a network of communication to be used with students, parents and school personnel.
  • Plan for follow ups to crises, such as visiting the injured in hospitals and providing counseling to students and school staff.
  • Prepare contingency plans covering re-opening of the school following a crisis.
  • Plan to invoke and use school rituals, symbols and pride to assist all associated with the school to recover quickly from the crisis.
  • Plan for an open house or celebratory event to welcome students back to classes.  

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Set Straight on Bullies

Bullying - synonymous with fear and anxiety - is perhaps the most underrated problem in our schools. Bullying is not a new occurrence in our schools. Most adults have some memory of the school bully or were themselves harassed by a bully at some time during their school years.
But today the problem has reached new levels of severity. Studies have found that one out of seven students are victims of bullying or are bullies themselves. Many victims spend their school days in fear of attack or simply waiting for the next degrading, humiliating incident to happen. Bullying ran begin as early as kindergarten and, if left unchecked, can develop into lifetime patterns of criminal behavior, as well as social, family and job-related problems.

Recognizing a bully and correcting this destructive behavior is of prime importance. Sometimes the bully's tactics take on subtle forms of psychological abuse. Abuses can be carried our verbally or through the use of threatening eye contact and gestures. Often bullying manifests itself in more severe ways when the aggressor intentionally inflicts injury or discomfort upon another. Whatever form bullying takes, only recently have parents and educators recognized bullying for what it truly is criminal activity.

The "Schoolyard Bully Practicum," sponsored by the National School Safety Center, was held in 1987 at Harvard University. Authorities on schoolyard bullying and victimization gathered from around the world to develop a national prevention program for this serious problem.

With the help of guidelines defined by authorities at the Schoolyard Bullying Practicum, the National School Safety Center has produced an 18-minute DVD, "Set Straight on Bullies." This videotape was created to help parents, educators, law enforcers, other concerned citizens and students understand what bullying is and how it can be prevented.

"Set Straight on Bullies" explores all sides of today's bullying problem - from bullying, to victims, to the parents of both, as well as the community and educational system this problem disrupts. Shown through the eyes of a young bullying victim, "Set Straight on Bullies" brings to light the damaging effect that bullying has on all who are involved - physical and psychological damage that can last a lifetime.

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Set Straight On Bullies DVD and Facilitator's Guide 

This set includes the Emmy-award winning video "Set Straight on Bullies" and a Facilitator's Guide that contains key background information, resources and activities to be used with adult audiences in tandem with the presentation of the video.

"Set Straight on Bullies" is an Emmy-award winning video created to help parents, educators, law enforcers and other concerned citizens understand what bullying is and how it can be prevented. The 18-minute video tells the story of one middle school that is facing the problem of consequences of bullying. Designed with the expertise of authorities from the around the world, the video outlines prevention and response actions for schools and parents. 

In this package, the video is accompanied by a Facilitator's Guide that contains key background information, resources and activities to be used with adult audiences in tandem with the presentation of the video.

Video available in DVD format only. 
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What If...School Safety and the New Normal 

Nominated for a Freddie Award, the "What if... School Safety and the New Normal" training video brings light to the possibility of terrorism in schools. It explores the issues surrounding crisis in the school setting and stresses the importance of preparedness through partnership and planning.

In January 2004, the National School Safety Center and the U.S. Department of Justice's Office of Community Oriented Policing Services convened a working group to address the issues and roles of schools in homeland security readiness. Represented at this meeting were 48 practitioners and experts from the fields of educational leadership, school safety and security, law enforcement, community policing, law, homeland security, public policy, health and medicine, military, school transportation, mental health, and social marketing. Most participants at the focus group meeting were keenly aware of the challenge of preparing schools for the unthinkable and the seriousness of asking the question, What if ...? 

The video depicts the positive benefits of planning, collaborating and working together so that schools can be prepared and ready for any kind of crisis. The video explores these advantages by posing a series of "What if... questions to law enforcement and school partnerships:
  • What if we get together?
  • What if we learn from experience?
  • What if we talk it over?
  • What if we face the reality?
  • What if we create a plan?
  • What if we find partners early?
  • What if we assign responsibility?
  • What if we consider consequences? 

Also included on the DVD is the Santana Story, a school psychologist's testimony of Santana High School's March 5, 2001 shooting.
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What's Wrong With This Picture? 

"What's Wrong With This Picture?" is an award-winning DVD showing five scenarios that address the school safety issues of drug trafficking and abuse, intimidation and violence, teacher burnout and theft. The docudrama is narrated by the people who actually experienced the incidences portrayed. This "trigger" video is intended to generate emotional responses, discussions and action from its viewers. The video has received awards at the Houston, New York and Chicago film festivals, the U.S. Industrial Film Festival and the National Association of Government Communications. 18 minutes, DVD. 
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